Moving? Here's some great tips!

TIP # 1


So, you're moving, eh? If you're anything like our family, there is always WAY more stuff than we think in our house. While it's a great time to do a spring cleaning, there inevitably comes a point where we run out of patience or time and just say, "Let's pack it and we'll go through it all later." This usually results in, "Honey? We need more moving boxes! Right away!"

Instead of running down to the local hardware store and dropping another benjamin on supplies, check this out!

On, there is a section entitled "Free Stuff". Once there, type in these terms:

  • Boxes
  • Packing
  • Moving

Some other more detailed search terms could be:

  • Storage boxes
  • Moving boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap

Now, you're probably saying, "Why didn't I think of that?" Yep, pretty simple, but often overlooked. People spend tons of money on moving boxes and packing supplies at the hardware store, only to use them once and maybe throw them away... or donate on Craigslist. If you check often and think ahead, you're bound to find a bunch of free moving and packing supplies in your local area. You'll find tons of great stuff that will make your move a little easier and hopefully much less expensive!

Don't forget to "pay-it-forward" and post your own ad when you're done using them. You'll probably find someone willing to haul them all away when you're done!

TIP # 2:

BOX Estimator

Not sure how many boxes you'll need? Try the Zillow Moving Boxes Estimator Widget! (Yes, no one will agree with Zillow's estimate of course, just like home values, but hey... it's a guide, right?)

TIP # 3:


Have you heard of PODS yet? No, I don't own stock in the company... don't make a dime for mentioning it. However, I have used them personally. They will deliver a mobile storage unit called a POD, right to your driveway and you can have it for an entire 30 days, included in the fee you pay. (Longer if needed.)

Whether you're moving locally, or across the country, this gives you time to start packing in stages instead of having that marathon moving day with all your friends and family. Pack all of your smaller items, less used items, etc... all of your non-essentials. Then, when you DO have the moving help, they can focus on the big stuff and clean up. Call and schedule the POD unit to be picked up and delivered to your new location, and you then have time there to unload it. No deadlines on moving trucks. No worrying about breakdowns or filling the gas tank. This process is a huge stress reliever. At least it was for our family.

Plus, if you need some extra storage, using the POD unit for a longer period of time is a great deal too. It's stored indoors, inside a gi-hugic warehouse. You can call ahead to get access to it and they will pull it out of the warehouse for you with these humongous forklifts. No additional access charges, and then they put it back until you need it again. When you're ready, you have it delivered to the location you want to be unloaded.

Tip: PODS usually offers a bundle promotion if you plan on storing your stuff for three months or more:

Try promotional code: BUNDLE for 3 months

Try promotional code: BUNDLE6 for 6 months

I also recommend doing a web search for promotional discounts. I know many places can offer 10% off discounts if they refer you. (PODS Customer Service is pretty good at letting you know what offers are available in your area too.)

In the military and getting PCS orders?

Here's an instant 10% savings for you:

TIP # 4:


Don't forget to notify everyone of your change of address!

For US Postal Service, you can now put in a change of address online instead of having to go wait in line to turn in your form:

TIP # 5:

This site provides a lot of resources about planning your move. It's got good articles that can be a lot of help:

I hope that a few of these tips have been helpful for you and it makes your move more enjoyable and less stressful.

PS. I know a great Mortgage Banker with great rates and service that can also help your move be less stressful! Awesome network of Real Estate Agent referral partners and tons of other useful resources if you need one! ;)

These tips provided no charge by:

The Patterson Family :)