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My name is Michael Patterson, and I'm the Branch Manager here in the WA Region. On the business side, I've been originating mortgage loans for about 17 years now. I have a true passion for marketing and love helping clients and my realtor partners with their businesses.

On the personal side, I'm a husband of almost 18 years and father of now THREE amazing boys... and ONE amazing girl!! Whenever I'm asked what my hobbies are, I have to always say "my family". Yep, everything revolves around that. I've picked up fly fishing and passion for archery... but that's mainly with family too. ;)

Here's a fun shot with the Cousins! 

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Watching our family grow is incredibly fun and entertaining. I personally think being a parent is one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding things in life. (It has also provided good training ground for managing employees! LOL). My wife and I are heavily involved in our community and local church ministries. Our family motto is that we are "blessed to be a blessing." We do love to travel and look forward to many family trips as our children get older. I love seeing the look of amazement in our children's faces when they learn and experience new things. As a father, I have to remind myself to always be a "Memory Maker". We won't look back and remember the days we stayed late in the office or at the grocery store or just day to day chores... We'll look back and recall the fun memories we had with the people we love. I'm definitely a "Type A" personality and love to work hard, so it's important to keep that "pendulum in balance."


Back to the business side, I'm part of a national marketing mastermind group, and absolutely love the process of helping real estate agents "make the phone ring". We get new ideas and marketing tools each week... which almost makes it kind of like "drinking from a fire hose". We brainstorm ways for us to better serve our clients and stay on the cutting edge of online tools, real estate trends and market opportunities. Testing new ideas, strategies and building relationships with other like minded people is incredibly fun for me. I have a love for presenting and teaching these ideas to our mortgage lending team and our real estate agent partners. Their success equals our success, so I believe in "paying it forward" and continually give away all I learn! This continues to help agents and ultimately more clients with their needs.

Serving people is number one in business, and helping agents and their clients get the service they need and deserve is of paramount importance. I am an outgoing person so the "social" part of social media is awesome to me. I would consider myself "fairly technical" and love learning how to make things work better for my and my clients. It will be a never ending continual process though, which is great.


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Land Home Financial is celebrating their 31st year in business!

I love the challenge that the mortgage lending business brings. I learn something new every day, and love solving problems for my clients. I continually hone my skills as a mortgage originator and continually educate myself on new loan programs, guidelines and essentially, opportunities for my clients. 

I most work on purchase transactions, but also do refinance transactions. I also have a construction lending background, and a specialty niche in Manufactured Housing Finance. None of these areas are "simple", but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Mortgages can be somewhat complicated at times, so I strive continually to break that down, demystify and make my explanations simple and easy to understand. Buying a home or qualifying for a mortgage loan shouldn't be stressful or cause feelings of fear or intrepidation. Knowledge conquers fear and empowers. It's my personal goal for every person to have that opportunity to get the answers they need and feel like they are of critical importance as a client. In my eyes, they are!

Our company President, Brad Waite was recently ranked in the Top 100 Most Influencial Mortgage Executives in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine. This is quite an honor, as this is truly by invitation only and is at no cost to the mortgage executives. 

Top 100 Most Influencial Mortgage Executives in America

That's a brief glimpse into who I am, who our company is, and I look forward to earning your business!


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Company Background:

Land / Home Financial Services, Inc.
Built on Knowledge, Commitment & Trust Since 1988


To provide diversified funding options and consistent, superior, personalized service to our clients and partners, including: home buyers, mortgage brokers, builders, manufactured/modular home retailers and real estate agents.

  • Mortgage banker, in business since 1988
  • National lender with LOCAL "home-town" presence
  • Currently servicing over 4.6 Billion in loans in our own portfolio
  • Always Competitive with interest rates and loan fees
  • Specializing in VA loans for more than 28 years, and a VA Automatic lender
  • Approved FHA Direct lender with an Eagle Rating (the highest rating available)
  • Staffed with several on site direct endorsement underwriters
  • Fannie/Freddie Seller/Servicer
  • In-house underwriting, doc drawing, and funding to ensure a smooth loan transaction
  • On-site Appraisal Management Team that is fully compliant with the Appraiser Independence Regulations (AIR)
  • Proven lender, often funding over $100 million a month in loans
  • Currently Licensed in all 50 States plus Washington DC
  • Excellent personalized customer service

Land/Home Financial Services, Inc. was founded in 1988 and is a solid medium-sized privately owned mortgage lender. As a nationally recognized top Mortgage Banker, we offer our clients Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, USDA, Construction loans, with an added emphasis and expertise in the Manufactured Home Lending niche market.  We have our own underwriters, coordinators, doc drawers, funders, secondary marketing, etc… and close the vast majority of our loans in-house.

In addition to selling loans to Wall Street investors, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we also service the majority of volume ourselves on our own portfolios. Having a seasoned staff of senior level management, marketing support, administration and top loan consultants has allowed us to grow and hold licenses across the U.S.  

Confidently secure your mortgage transaction financing with Land / Home Financial and our Team of Seasoned Experts... all with one goal in mind... YOUR SUCCESS!



Land Home Financial was recently ranked in the Top 100 Mortgage Lenders in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine.